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Children are impacted by parents' behavior during divorce

Getting divorced in California is understandably challenging for two adults who have spent years or even decades building their lives together. However, it can be just as difficult for their children, who are left to deal with the emotional scars of divorce. The parents' actions and behaviors during the divorce proceeding can have a major impact on the children's well-being.

During divorce, parents may be inclined to lie and concoct stories if this will lead to a personally favorable result for them in the divorce proceeding. However, the children often eventually find out the truth, in part because they are curious to learn it as they become older. The fact that divorce information is a part of the public record makes it easy for children to access information about their parents' divorce in the future.

However, parents often become caught up in the heat of the divorce. As a result, they may make rushed decisions or act out of anger instead of taking more logical approaches when it comes to matters such as child custody and the division of property. Unfortunately, this can create an acrimonious environment for the entire family during the already difficult period of divorce.

The best divorce situation in California is if the two parents can work on a parenting agreement as well as work toward a divorce settlement that pleases both sides and takes into consideration the children's best interests as well. The parents can accomplish this through divorce mediation or informal negotiations, rather than having to go to trial. However, if they cannot find common ground, they will have to rely on a judge to make these critical decisions for them.

Source: huffingtonpost.com, "What You Need to Realize About How Divorce Affects Children", David Wygant, Dec. 8, 2017

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