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Putting aside anger to seek the best interests of the child

Sometimes the hardest part of co-parenting after divorce is taking the high road. Despite whatever may have attracted two people in the first place, divorce can leave a California couple bitter and mistrustful. Nevertheless, when children are involved, maintaining a dignified and respectful demeanor with one's co-parent is in the best interests of the child. When conflicts arise, it is often one parent setting a positive tone who can make the difference in the resolution.

When the marriage ends, it is not uncommon for the former spouses to dislike each other. This may be especially true in the months or years immediately following the divorce, but experts suggest always keeping the needs of the child in focus. Those needs are never met when one parent speaks badly about the other in front of the children. Children may be confused when hearing such statements about a parent they love. Placing them in the middle of a war is one way in which divorced parents may harm their children.

If a court-ordered custody plan is in place, both parents are expected to obey it. When one parent pushes the limits by disrespecting drop-off or pickup times, or by missing parenting time altogether, the people hurt most are the children. A parent who decides to pull away and relinquish time with the children cannot be forced to make contact, but child advocates suggest leaving the option open for that parent to return, for the sake of the child.

Dealing with emotional and legal battles following a divorce is rarely easy. While divorced spouses in California may have their own emotions to deal with, they also have the difficult task of making decisions for the best interests of the child. In many cases, seeking the advice of an attorney can provide assistance for dealing with custody and parenting issues that may arise following a divorce.

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