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July 2017 Archives

Child custody a common issue in California divorce proceedings

While money appears to be the catalyst for many of the problems that California couples face, it is only one part of the problem when the couple decides that it is time to move on. There are many issues that need to be addressed when the couple decides to divorce. In addition to their financial concerns, they will also need to address how their personal property will be divided and, if they are parents, child custody arrangements.

Prenuptial agreement useful tool in divorce for older couples

As more couples are finding love during their golden years, the need to plan for future possibilities becomes more important. There is a good chance that California couples over the age of 50 will decide to get married. Many of these individuals bring both children and assets into this new marriage. In order to protect children and even grandchildren, it is important that the couple discuss a prenuptial agreement in case of a divorce and as a possible attachment to a will.

Putting aside anger to seek the best interests of the child

Sometimes the hardest part of co-parenting after divorce is taking the high road. Despite whatever may have attracted two people in the first place, divorce can leave a California couple bitter and mistrustful. Nevertheless, when children are involved, maintaining a dignified and respectful demeanor with one's co-parent is in the best interests of the child. When conflicts arise, it is often one parent setting a positive tone who can make the difference in the resolution.

California adoption basics

The desire to have a child can be overwhelming. For many California couples, this is a natural process; for others, having children naturally is not an option. Then there are those who can have children naturally and may already have children of their own but wish to expand their families. Whatever the reason, adoption is often the best way to complete a family and provide a much-needed forever home for a precious child.

Attempt to save money on divorce may prove costly

The end of a marriage can occur for any number of reasons. Many times, the couple is unable to agree on anything of substance throughout the marriage; therefore, it makes sense that they will be unable to agree on the terms of their divorce. However, there are some California couples who, although they no longer wish to be married, are able to negotiate specifics regarding their divorce.

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