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June 2017 Archives

Economic abuse most common form of domestic violence

It's a problem that is typically hidden behind closed doors. Domestic violence can occur in any California neighborhood. It does not discriminate based upon age, race or even economic level. However, one thing that it does do is cause harm to all of those affected by it.

Property division and the health savings account

Once a California couple makes the decision to divorce, it is time for them to also decide how assets should be divided. Sometimes, this is a relatively easy process, and the couple is able to agree on a property division plan according to the state's community property laws. Other times, there are multiple factors that must be considered and assistance is required in order to make informed decisions.

Property division details can help end unhappy marriage

Ending an unhappy marriage may be the best thing that a California resident can do. The days of "walking on egg shells" and disagreeing about every little detail will finally come to an end. Along with this, life as one knows it will change. To ensure that the lifestyle change holds more positives than negatives, one will want to pay close attention to the property division details during the settlement process.

Divorce, lifestyle changes and the postnuptial agreement

Over the course of a marriage, things can change. At the beginning, the happy California couple knew just what they wanted out of life. However, as time goes by and the family dynamics change, divorce may become an option. With this being a possibility, it may be in the couple's best interest to develop a postnuptial agreement prior to making significant lifestyle changes.

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