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Change in financial status can cause a change in child support

Circumstances can change in an instant. One minute, the California worker is gainfully employed and the next minute, he or she is not. Although this change may be in no way the fault of the individual, it still has an effect upon that individual's ability to meet his or her normal monthly obligations. For many, these obligations often include housing expenses, car notes and even child support payments.

Sharing child custody in a positive and productive way

For many California families, protecting the best interests of the children is the top priority for both parents during a divorce. For this reason, many parents find that sharing child custody through a co-parenting agreement can preserve parent/child relationships and make post-divorce life easier for the youngest members of the family. Co-parenting is not the best decision for every family, but it may provide significant benefits for many.

A child support modification may be your best option

Long after a divorce is final, life continues to change, and your financial circumstances may also change with it. California mothers and fathers who are currently unable to live with or keep up with the terms of an existing support order may be curious about their options at this point. In some cases, a child support modification may be appropriate. 

Prenuptial agreements increasing as couples wait on marriage

The days of graduating high school and then getting married appear to be over for most California couples. Now, rather than rushing into domestic bliss, many young people are waiting until later in life. They are looking to first graduate college and begin a career. With this in mind, when these couples do decide to get married, they usually bring a variety of assets and debts into the marriage. As a result, the number of couples signing prenuptial agreements prior to saying wedding vows in increasing.

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