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Divorce may be the best part of the marriage

Other than the children, sometimes the best part of a marriage is its end. When a marriage becomes a miserable experience, many times it is time to decide that a divorce could be the best step forward. However, when a California couple with children decides that it is time to divorce, they typically gain by remembering that there are others involved whose feelings and emotions are important as well.

Financial abuse can be a form of domestic violence

The family next door appears to be an average, loving family. However, no one really knows what goes on behind those closed doors. Unfortunately, for some California families, appearances are deceiving. What appears on the surface to be a loving family is actually one embroiled in domestic violence.

Property division and a California divorce

The exact numerical rate of marriages and divorces that occur among California couples is a changing number. However, what doesn't seem to change is the uncertainty and turmoil that a divorce can cause. The financial and emotional issues seem to magnify the entire situation. Perhaps one of the most important decisions to be made has to do with property division.

Child support and adoption

The average California family today is anything but average. Some families consist of two parents with two or more children; other families have only one parent and any number of children. Still other families are formed with children already present. In some cases, when this happens, the new spouse may decide to adopt the other spouse's children if the other biological parent is not a part of their lives. Such an action can lead to a closer relationship for the family as a whole; however, it can cause problems later on if divorce becomes a possibility and there is a question of child support.

Divorce and money

When it comes to marriage, money appears to be one of the primary issues that most California couples face. First, there are the decisions regarding what to spend money on, and then there are the decisions regarding what debts to incur in order to purchase the desired items. Finally, once a couple decides to divorce, there are the decisions as to who gets which items that were purchased, and who gets which debts.

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