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Gross or net income, unpaid earnings and divorce in California

Couples across California get married and divorced almost every day. In both instances, each individual usually has a fairly good idea of their basic assets. They both know the amenities associated with the home they live in; the approximate value of other similar properties in the general area is fairly easy to access. Additionally, the value of joint checking and savings accounts should be easy to determine. This can be important in determining the value of assets in a divorce.

California couples, retirement and pension plans, and divorce

For many California couples, divorce seems to be the norm rather than the exception. With statistics concerning the number of marriages ending in divorce hovering at around 50 percent, the number of individuals considering divorce and expressing concerns about their retirement accounts is significant. In addition to the other assets that will need to be considered in a divorce, decisions regarding pension plans and retirement accounts can be rather cumbersome.

California: Domestic violence is not acceptable

Each California couple's relationship has a different set of dynamics. Some couples enjoy going out to dinner and enjoying a night on the town. Other couples prefer to stay in and enjoy home-cooked meals and watch television or play cards. Whether married or dating, California spouses often spend time enjoying each other's company. However, sometimes, the dynamic takes a negative turn and domestic violence becomes an issue.

Some California couples look to postnuptial for property division

Perhaps the wedding bells rang not too long ago, or perhaps they rang several years ago. Regardless of when a California couple was married, there are circumstances in which they may decide that they need to address property division issues even if a divorce is not being considered. In this case, a postnuptial agreement may be in their best interest.

Some California couples see divorce as the best option

Should a couple stay together or call it quits? This is a question that many California couples face at some point in their marriages, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The decision as to whether a marriage is worth saving or a divorce is the appropriate choice depends upon the couple and their specific circumstances.

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