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Mediation could be a better way to settle your family law issues

California couples are no longer restricted to sitting across a room at separate tables and allowing a judge to make decisions about their futures. They can now decide to use alternative methods of resolving their family law issues such as mediation. This allows the parties to work out their issues on their own, which -- if successful -- often ends with an agreement that the parties involved find satisfactory.

Getting child support for a child born after the divorce

Some California couples would give their marriages another chance if it was discovered that a child was on the way. However, for many couples, staying together is simply not an option because the marriage is over and both parties need to be able to move forward. Therefore, it will be necessary to deal with issues of child support and custody after the child is born, which could be after the divorce is finalized.

Relocation could be a challenge after a divorce

Parents' rights to have access to their children are protected in the state of California. Relocation with the children is not an automatic right for the custodial parent or a parent that currently shares joint physical custody. Therefore, if the parent with whom the children are living wants to move away from the area, any existing child custody order would need to be modified.

What happens to the family pet in a divorce?

The pet industry generates billions of dollars each year because people tend to treat their animals like members of the family. Therefore, what happens to the family pet in a divorce can cause a significant amount of conflict between the parties. The first thing that California residents should know is that pets are not treated like children -- instead, they are treated as property.

Child custody arrangements have changed in recent decades

Traditionally, when a couple divorced, the children primarily lived with their mother, and the father was awarded some sort of visitation. However, in recent decades, this traditional model of child custody has diminished in favor of joint custody, co-parenting and now birdnesting. California parents now have more say than ever in how they continue to raise their children after they divorce.

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