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Daniel Rosenblum missed crucial line in divorce settlement

Daniel Rosenblum, an executive and millionaire from the East Coast, recently got some bad news. The divorce settlement that he reached with his ex-wife Sheila Rosenblum, a former ballerina and model, contained one important line that he failed to pay attention to -- the signature line. As would some California residents in similar circumstances, his ex-wife took advantage of his oversight and had the agreement set aside. Now, he owes her millions of dollars that he never thought he would be obligated to pay to her.

Planning for co-parenting during a divorce

The number of couples here in California and across the country who are resolving to continue to parent together after the marriage is over appears to be on the rise. People are more aware of the impact that divorce has on the children and want to be sure that both parents continue to be in the children's lives. Effectively co-parenting requires planning, which should take place during the divorce.

Using mediation to settle family law issues

California residents might be under the impression that any time they have an issue that involves their relationship or their children that it will be necessary to hire an attorney, go to court and allow someone who does not know their family's dynamic to make decisions that directly affect their futures. Fortunately, that does not have to be the case. Mediation provides an alternate way of dealing with family law issues.

Giving children what they need during and after a divorce

The end of a marriage often comes with a great deal of emotional fallout. Each of the parties struggles to deal with their feelings while negotiating a divorce settlement to be approved by a California court. Deciding how to best give the children what they need both during and after the divorce can take the focus off the couple's problems and put it onto how to be the best parents possible under the circumstances.

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