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February 2016 Archives

Should you try to go it alone in a California divorce?

There seem to be a lot of "do-it-yourself" options when it comes to divorce these days. This makes many California residents believe that they can handle their own divorce settlements without legal representation. However, it is nearly impossible to achieve a satisfactory settlement that will work for your family and let both of you walk away with what you need in order to start your new lives -- especially if you have children.

It pays to do research before negotiating a divorce settlement

Thinking of all of the issues that need to be resolved before a divorce can be finalized might overwhelm California residents who are at the beginning of the process. This can cause some people to rush through the process without doing their homework first. It pays to do the research before negotiating a divorce settlement.

Create a financial plan during divorce before it becomes an issue

Regardless of how good a divorce settlement is, a California resident's financial situation will change. Less income and more expenses are the hallmark of most people's financial lives after a divorce. Failing to plan for this eventuality could prove financially disastrous.

When is a QDRO needed in a California divorce?

Before that question can be answered, it might be helpful to have a basic understanding of what a QDRO is. Most California residents already know that employee retirement plans accumulate funds tax-free until they are withdrawn at the appropriate age. An early withdrawal of funds creates significant tax consequences. When a spouse is awarded funds from the retirement plan of the other spouse in a divorce, a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) might be needed in order to allow for the tax-free distribution of those funds in accordance with a property settlement agreement.

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