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What happens to the children in a California divorce?

Obviously, it would be impossible for California parents to keep their divorce a secret from the children. More than likely, the kids are already aware that something is wrong and may even surmise that divorce is imminent. However, that does not mean that parents cannot keep the children out of the proceedings.

Parenting time and the holidays

Most California parents want their children to enjoy the holidays regardless of whether they are together or not. Whether a couple is divorced or simply separated, the way that the family celebrates the holidays has likely changed, and this can cause stress for the children. When parents negotiate child custody agreements, how parenting time will be dealt with during the holidays needs to be addressed.

It is not a good idea to air family legal issues on social media

Nearly everyone who has a social media account has used it to air a grievance or two on occasion. During the ordinary course, there is usually no problem with doing so. However, when a California resident is having family legal issues, those posts and/or pictures could end up before a judge.

Community property does not always mean equal property division

One of the biggest issues in any California divorce is the division of the property that couples acquired during their marriages. Judges use a variety of factors to determine property division issues. Even though this is a community property state, there is no guarantee that a couple's assets will be split equally. The family's circumstances will play a part in who is awarded what marital assets, and that could mean that one party receives more than the other does.

Jared Fogle requested visitation rights as part of the divorce

By now, most California readers have heard about the criminal charges filed against Jared Fogle, who used to be the spokesperson for Subway. Within hours of Fogle entering guilty pleas to two charges relating to his activities with minor children, his wife filed for divorce. Fogle requested visitation rights as part of the divorce, but his wife filed court documents opposing it.

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