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Relocation impacts parental relationships with the children

These days, courts here in California are increasingly making decisions that ensure that children have the opportunity to maintain loving relationships with both parents in a divorce. Custody and visitation agreements are designed to achieve that goal. If the custodial parent later decides that relocation is necessary, he or she cannot just move without first obtaining a formal modification of the existing child custody order.

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Your rights, interests and future are the subject of a family law matter. The outcome is personal to you. The attorney you choose does matter. You know what is at stake, but how do you find a lawyer you can trust? How do you know you can trust your attorney?

Getting the most out of the property division process

California is a community property state, which means that the law assumes that both parties own marital assets equally. However, each asset does not necessarily have to be divided. It may be more advantageous to trade one asset for another depending on an individual's financial needs after the divorce. The bottom line is that it takes thought and preparation to get the most out of the property division process.

California law ordinarily sets monthly payments for child support

Under ordinary circumstances, California law sets the amount of child support that non-custodial parents will pay. However, circumstances are not always ordinary. Therefore, the courts do have some discretion in setting monthly payments that are more in line with the dynamics of the families involved.

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For most divorcing couples one of the most important aspects is getting a good financial settlement. Depending on the specific circumstances financial matters can be complex. It is possible the decisions you make in the course of resolving your divorce or other family law matter could have far reaching implications.

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If you are in need of legal assistance from a divorce lawyer, there are likely many issues with which you are concerned. I am attorney Laura Revy in the course of the 25 years I have focused exclusively on family law, I have seen many clients through the divorce process. When clients come to me, though they pay for just one attorney, they get more than just my experience. They get a team of four lawyers all contributing their thoughts on the best approach to take for their legal matter.

Accusations of domestic violence need to be dealt with quickly

As a result of an increased awareness of the abuse that occurs in some California homes, law enforcement agencies take accusations of abuse seriously. Quick responses from police have undoubtedly saved a number of people, including children, from domestic violence. However, that same zeal can also embroil an innocent person in the criminal justice and civil court systems.

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