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Unpaid child support adds up, man faces jail for nonpayment

When a California court is determining child custody, an amount is usually ordered for the non-custodial parent to pay child support, based on numerous factors. The court will look at the income of each individual parent and his or her tax status, as well as how much time each parent spends with the child. If a parent subsequently suffers a substantial change in financial circumstances, the individual may need to seek a modification of an existing child support order from the court that issued it. If and until that occurs, the parent is required to pay the amount; if not, he or she may suffer the consequences.

Family law issues due to living separate and apart in one house

In California, the law distinguishes between separate and community property of the spouses. The California Family Law Code states that property acquired by spouses during the marriage is under the community property category. So, if a couple has separated but is not technically apart -- that is, they are still living under the same roof -- where is the line drawn for the property division for a divorce?

Newly divorced parents adjust to child custody arrangement

When children of newly divorced or separated parents head back to school, the family may find the new co-parenting schedule to be a challenging adjustment from the summer schedule. It is important that the child custody agreement is the best for the child as well as the parent. California parents who are adjusting to co-parenting should continue to consider whether the arrangement is working for everyone involved. If not, child custody modifications are an option.

Child custody dispute between sex-worker mom and ex-husband

Families take all forms, shapes, and sizes. A family may break up under a variety of circumstances and the result may be a child custody dispute between the parents. In California, a woman is fighting for her children, though she is facing judgement against her job as much as judgement against her ability to be a good mother. 

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