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August 2015 Archives

Victim of domestic violence faces child abuse charges

It can be difficult to identify the signs of domestic abuse because perpetrators are often charming and convincing when exerting power over their prey. In an ongoing case in another state, a woman and her daughter have had their relationship challenged even though they were the victims to the violence of their husband and father, respectively. In California, or any state, when children are involved, there are numerous victims when domestic violence occurs.

Undetected domestic violence leads to woman's death

Victims of domestic violence often find it challenging to come forward to make an accusation or get help. Abusers may use subtle tactics to gain control of someone else, though often the violence is more obvious, like with physical abuse. In California, a woman was recently a victim of physical domestic violence, and she was ultimately killed without her neighbors or friends knowing what was happening right under their noses.

Repeat domestic violence offender sentenced to prison

Domestic violence can come in many forms. Emotional distress or abuse, physical abuse, or being threatened or harmed by a weapon are all considered domestic violence. Recently in California, a woman fell victim to physical abuse by her boyfriend, who had been convicted of similar crimes previously.

Agreement modification desired for couple's frozen embryos

Every family is different, and every family has the potential to change at any moment. What was initially agreed upon by a couple starting a family may not be suitable long-term. In California, when it comes to the battle for frozen embryos after a couple splits, an agreement modification may be in order.

Parenting tips for a new school year

As the calendar turns to August, it is only a matter of time before a new school year begins. For some kids, it is a fantastic opportunity to see new friends, experience a new school and enjoy some of the best things about life in a new school. For other kids, it may be the worst of times, since they had so much fun without being in school that having to deal with a daily grind is the last thing they want in their lives.

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