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Man owes almost 2 million in back child support payments

Children are often the apples of their parents' eye, and many parents are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that their children's needs are met. Most California parents are likely aware that when it comes to mothers and fathers who maintain separate households, a child support order is often put into place by a court of law. A child support order is money paid by one parent to another to ensure that the needs of any children they share are met. 

Many parents are aware that a child support order is legally binding and must be followed. In many cases these orders are followed without any problems, as a court can adjust them to reflect changes in income or needs of the child. Sometimes, however, one party will attempt serious crimes in an effort to avoid meeting the legal obligations.

Young girl missing as a result of child custody dispute

Arguably one of the most beautiful states in the nation, California is "home" to nearly 40 million people. While most are likely proud to be from the gem of the West Coast, the Golden State is certainly not immune to the sorts of stresses that affect modern day America as a whole. One of the most emotional things a parent may go through is the fright that can occur while enforcing a child custody order. 

A custody order is a decree put in place by a court that establishes child custody and visitation terms. Sometimes, both parties can agreeably follow a child custody order, but that is not always the case. Unfortunately, parents sometimes decide to take the law into their own hands to avoid obeying an order they do not agree with. 

Child custody dispute escalates to gun violence

In a state as populous as California, many residents are all too familiar with the sort of stress and strife that can stem from attempting to co-parent children who have parents that maintain separate households. Child custody can be one of the most personal and emotional situations to work out in a court of law. A child custody order is meant to assure that the needs and best interest of any children involved are served. 

Sometimes, when parties have no clear court order regarding child custody, or perhaps one or both parties finds it difficult to abide by an order, the situation can become dangerous to the mutual children. Recently, a California man allowed his anger toward the mother of his child to take priority over the safety of his child. For reasons that are still unclear, the man, who reportedly had custody of his 4-year-old son, spotted the vehicle being driven by the child's mother. He proceeded to follow the vehicle around the city of Watsonville, where both parents live. 

Children put in harm's way during domestic violence incident

California is home to some of the most iconic people and places in the entire nation. While the state has plenty to boast about, it is far from immune to the types of violent crime that unfortunately occur in America every day. While most people are surely aware that domestic violence is a frightening and dangerous scenario for victims of any age, they may not think of the risk it can pose to children. 

One recent headline from California tells the story of a man who was accused of domestic violence and proceeded to flee in an RV, his children in tow. Authorities say that the man's wife contacted police to report herself a victim of domestic violence. Her husband, the aggressor, chose to leave the home before police could arrive, and took the couple's two minor children with him. 

NFL speaks out about domestic violence

California residents maintain a reputation for being some of the most passionate NFL fans in the nation. The San Francisco 49ers are a team with a legion of loyal followers. Fans often enjoy learning about their favorite players, and many players have attained celebrity status as a result of their performance on the gridiron. Sadly, some players fall from grace, and recently, 49ers player Reuben Foster found himself facing serious accusations of domestic violence

The NFL has admitted that Foster is not the first player who has been accused of abusing a loved one, and the organization assured fans that the league as a whole does not condone such actions. The league has made genuine efforts in recent years to combat domestic violence by raising awareness and raising money for organizations that assist victims, While these efforts are certainly admirable, many feel that the league needs to have a standard policy forbidding players convicted of domestic violence from participating in games. The NFL currently addresses such crimes on a case by case basis; however, it usually allows individual teams to impose consequences to players found guilty. 

Domestic violence leads to police chase

While living in California can be a dream come true for many, the state is not immune from the sort of serious crime that continues to plague the nation as a whole. Domestic violence is one such crime. Due to it's frightening nature, victims, families and law enforcement must treat any such incident with utmost seriousness. Domestic violence is defined as aggression or violence toward a person sharing the home, often a spouse or a child. 

Recently, California police were dispatched in response to a 911 call reporting an altercation involving domestic violence. The caller had advised the emergency operator that the suspect had allegedly fled in an SUV. Police were able to locate the vehicle, but the suspect refused to surrender. 

Domestic violence transcends stereotypes

Sadly, most California residents are aware that abuse in the home remains a serious issue in most communities. The term domestic violence can refer to physical, mental or emotional abuse. Many people may not be aware that such incidents may be occurring closer than they think.

Unfortunately, some may be under the impression that abuse is not as common in more stable communities, among couples who are employed, own homes, participate in family activities and lead otherwise "normal" lives. Domestic violence can occur under any circumstances, and may include acts that many may not be aware constitute abuse. Despite common misconception, a previous history of abuse is not necessary to determine that domestic violence has occurred.

Men can be victims of domestic violence too

Many California residents may not be aware that when it comes to abusive situations, gender is not a factor in determining who is a victim. Domestic violence laws apply to both men and women equally, and it is a common misconception that in such cases, the victim is usually female. Men can just as easily find themselves at the mercy of an abuser. 

Recently, celebrity Heather Locklear was arrested for domestic violence. After reportedly receiving a call from Locklear's brother, police arrived at her residence. Upon entering, law enforcement found Locklear's boyfriend suffering from injuries that were described at "traumatic." When police determined that it was Locklear that had caused the injuries, the attempted to take her into custody, and she allegedly also kicked and shoved the officers. 

Gray divorce can come with financial challenges

In the world today, it is very common for a marriage to end. Divorces have become culturally understandable and part of the societal standard. Since the 1990s, the divorce rate for California couples who are over the age of 50 have doubled. When older couples decide to divorce later in life, they must make choices to split assets while also working through the fact that they may incur a potential doubling of their living expenses. Moreover, if either or both parties have a retirement plan already mapped out, the result of a divorce can present several challenges.

There are some available options that could make the divorce less of a financial problem. It is often suggested that couples use a collaborative method to ensure the results of the divorce are mutually beneficial. The idea is to create a win-win situation for both the parties. Also, with the new tax law that will go into effect in 2019, alimony money will no longer be tax deductible; therefore, one party could potentially pay out less alimony while the other partner still receives the usual amount. Because of this, couples who are already divorced could look into potentially modifying an existing alimony agreement.

Man ordered to pay $53K in restitution for missed child support

Deciding how to support a child or multiple children can be an unpleasant but necessary settlement between parents. Often times, parents in California have to have the courts decide the proper course of action in providing for their children. Child support orders can ensure that minors are given financial stability even when both parents no longer reside in the same home. The orders are not foolproof, though, when the party ordered to pay the support does not.

In a recent case in a different state, a man failed to pay child support as ordered by the court for nearly ten years. Within the ten-year period, the father had bench warrants issued for him for failure to appear in court. He has had his driver's license suspended because of his missing support payments and other legal problems. Once law enforcement found him, the man was brought in front of a circuit court judge to face the ramifications.

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