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Putting aside anger to seek the best interests of the child

Sometimes the hardest part of co-parenting after divorce is taking the high road. Despite whatever may have attracted two people in the first place, divorce can leave a California couple bitter and mistrustful. Nevertheless, when children are involved, maintaining a dignified and respectful demeanor with one's co-parent is in the best interests of the child. When conflicts arise, it is often one parent setting a positive tone who can make the difference in the resolution.

Sharing child custody in a positive and productive way

For many California families, protecting the best interests of the children is the top priority for both parents during a divorce. For this reason, many parents find that sharing child custody through a co-parenting agreement can preserve parent/child relationships and make post-divorce life easier for the youngest members of the family. Co-parenting is not the best decision for every family, but it may provide significant benefits for many.

California families and holiday child custody concerns

Across California, children look forward to the holiday season. This is their opportunity to get a couple of weeks off from school, hopefully receive that dreamed-of toy and spend time with friends and family. However, for some divorced or separated families, the holidays can be stressful as child custody issues and individual desires collide.

Which type of child custody is best in a given situation?

Perhaps one of the areas of divorce that causes the most concern for all involved revolves around the children. While both parents may want what they consider is best for the child, the California court system will have the ultimate say on child custody issues. With this in mind, it is helpful to have an idea of some of the different types of child custody that may come into play.

Amanda Stanton and a California child custody agreement

Long after the divorce papers have been signed, many California parents find that they must still find a way to work with their former marital partner. The primary reason for this continued relationship is the children. Often, each parent has his or her own ideas about what is best for the children. When these ideas do not match, there can often be child custody issues.

California child support may affect credit report

An individual's credit report is an important factor in securing the funds necessary to buy a house, a car or almost any large ticket item. Items that can affect a California resident's credit report include late and/or delinquent payments. Additionally, it is possible that past due child support payments may be reported and become a part of one's credit report.

Relocation could be a challenge after a divorce

Parents' rights to have access to their children are protected in the state of California. Relocation with the children is not an automatic right for the custodial parent or a parent that currently shares joint physical custody. Therefore, if the parent with whom the children are living wants to move away from the area, any existing child custody order would need to be modified.

Planning for co-parenting during a divorce

The number of couples here in California and across the country who are resolving to continue to parent together after the marriage is over appears to be on the rise. People are more aware of the impact that divorce has on the children and want to be sure that both parents continue to be in the children's lives. Effectively co-parenting requires planning, which should take place during the divorce.

Madonna and Guy Richie to negotiate child custody agreement

Celebrity gossip fans here in California are probably already aware that Madonna and Guy Richie are embroiled in a battle over where their 15-year-old son Rocco should live. Recently, Madonna's fame and fortune could not persuade a judge to order Richie to send their son back to the United States. In fact, the judge ordered that Rocco would remain with his father until his parents come to a child custody agreement.

Parenting time and the holidays

Most California parents want their children to enjoy the holidays regardless of whether they are together or not. Whether a couple is divorced or simply separated, the way that the family celebrates the holidays has likely changed, and this can cause stress for the children. When parents negotiate child custody agreements, how parenting time will be dealt with during the holidays needs to be addressed.

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